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Forest for All NYC



The State of the Urban Forest in NYC

This report by The Nature Conservancy provides a novel assessment of all trees on public and private land. This report establishes a common baseline of information about the status of the urban forest, how it is managed, regulated, regarded, funded, and stewarded as well as opportunities for improvement.

New York City Housing Authority’s Urban Forest: A Vital Resource for New York City

This report by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) identifies the essential role that NYCHA’s trees play in a resilient future and outlines strategies for protecting and enhancing NYCHA’s piece of the New York City urban forest.

Forest Management Framework for New York City

This report by the Natural Areas Conservancy and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation is a strategic and comprehensive plan to bolster and protect vital urban forest of New York City.

Understanding Opportunities for Urban Forest Expansion to Inform
Goals: Working Toward a Virtuous Cycle in New York City

This report by The Nature Conservancy analyzes the “practical canopy” of New York City — the opportunity for additional tree canopy in New York City, accounting for various real-world constraints such as nearby buildings and land use.



NYC Council on Parks and Recreation Oversight Hearing: Improving the City’s Tree Canopy – June 23, 2022. View the video.


NYC Urban Forestry Jobs

Please check out job listings on the career pages of our coalition members or check out the job boards below.

Metro Hort Group

American Society of Landscape Architects, New York Chapter

City of New York (search “forestry” or other relevant keywords)