• Achieve 30% Canopy Cover by 2035
  • Support Development of Community-Scale Urban Forest Plans and Goals
  • Establish a Master Plan for the Urban Forest


  • Grow and Sustain the Forest for All NYC Coalition
  • Cultivate Urban Forest Careers
  • Increase and Equitably Distribute Funding for Urban Forestry Projects


  • Strengthen Tree Regulations and Establish Incentive Programs
  • Set Tree Planting and Management Standards
  • Develop Conditions to Transform Wood Waste into a Sustainable Local Resource


  • Create an Urban Forestry Research and Monitoring Agenda
  • Establish Citywide Educational and Tree Stewardship Events
  • Monitor Urban Forest Environment and Health

Developed collaboratively by nearly 50 organizations across different sectors, the Agenda reflects the diverse perspectives of the coalition members. Please refer to the Agenda for a full list of the contributing organizations.